Discovery 2 front prop shaft failure

discovery 2 front prop shaft failure Well, I went ahead and bought a new D2 Td5 front prop and when coming to install it, I find that the flange on the diff is too small compared to the mating face on the propshaft. Bulbar - R1500 2. The front axle has no drive, possible half shaft broken. TVB000110G . PNo: AYG4281 . UK and worldwide mail order. SKU: PM1080. 5P 2. Landrover Discovery 2004 D2 TD5 Auto front propshaft rebuild. To grease, clean off the grease nipple and pump the gun until grease comes out of the seals of the needle bearing cups. 4 out of 5 stars 26. Note: Joints require greasing on delivery. Looking for a drive shaft for Discovery Series II from model years 2003 - 2004? I have my RZR in the shop now for a CV joint failure. 41. 79 exc. So i prsume from 67cm that would be 3. Greasable U Joints:  A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), A "shaft guard" is used at a shaft connection to protect against contact with the drive shaft and for detection of a shaft failure. of the rear prop-shaft. usually people only take out a drive shaft if the differential is trashed. As well as the greasable UJ's, both the front and rear prop shafts have a sliding splined section that also has a grease point. Abnormal noises are another symptom of a problem with the driveshaft. Apr 19, 2016 · Cause the prop shaft to become unbalanced. 37. All Aeronaut props are 8mm shoulders and the BB Turbo Spinner have 8mm shoulders. Slacken the prop rear bolts at the wheel end first and remove 2 only . co. Order from our superb range of Land Rover Discovery 2 Axle Parts on-line. D2 Front Heavy Duty Propshaft. Tom Woods Discovery 2 Front Double Cardan Drive Shaft . Along with costs to repair are described below, for further advice on the following issues phone our service department on 01772 299811 or email service@kmotors. 0 TD V6 auto to vin DA690511 Discovery ( 4 ) 5. e. Very well maintained Landy. Increase distance until vibration is at the lowest. Would explain that the front shaft is doing most of the work plus the exhaust being close to the joints. In 2 shops. Air Suspension, Brackets, Coil Springs, Control Arms, Panhard Rods, Turrets, Struts, Sway Bars, etc Driving a 4WD truck without a front drive shaft This is a photo of my Defender 300 tdi in 2012. From 1951 Rover fitted a transfer case with the now well known 'yellow and red knobs' right up through series III. 2/14/2007 19:53:12: RE: Front driveshaft problems IP: Logged Message: I had the same question recently when I had to replace the front drive shaft assembly. The premature failure issue with them is related to excessive heat, not the quality of the component. Ready for immediate shipment . Front Drive Shaft Driveshaft for Land Rover Discovery 2 II 1999-2004 TVB000110 TW032 | £175. Usually, a drive shaft does not fail instantaneously, and deterioration happens over time. So transferbox is bolted to the standard lt77 lt230 combination. I'd pull the box out and have a good look at it. g. Click here to view our full range for the Discovery 2 - 1999 to 2004. Does anyone have the length on record just to check i have measured it correctly before i order. More × 8 PROPELLER SHAFTS. Remove front propeller shaft + PROPELLER SHAFTS, REPAIRS, Propeller shaft - front. The fracture position is located at a groove between journals with different diameter. Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardon Joint Repair Kit OEM . Discovery 3 or Discovery 4 common faults. Fit nut to switch with counterbore positioned towards switch head. 41 $ 197. Apparently you can’t go over 60 mph for a long period of time in 4WD. Discovery 3 - 2005-2009 followed by sensor failure. Favorite See All. Land rover Discovery II TD5 Front Propshaft With Double Cardan Joint (Greasable) Length = 610mm Closed Front Flange 60mm Spigot Diameter 80mm PCD 0. Results 1 - 48 of 2083 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY TD5 FRONT PROPSHAFT PB4. The symptom was a whistling sound from the turbo area, heard when the engine was hot or cold, and even at at tickover – typical of failure of a turbo shaft bearing. with serviceable U-Joints to eliminate your driveshaft from failing again. 00 (19 %) Reward points: points. A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft (after Girolamo Cardano) is a vehicle component for transmitting mechanical power and torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drivetrain that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them. If same components are to be refitted, reference mark propeller shaft and mating components. SKU: PM1144 Oct 27, 2011 · 3. ft) Flexible coupling to differential. Sale price: $279. au! While holding shaft in forward position, tighten main cap bolts to 10 to 15 ft. The main fluid level is below the level of the seal. 1 52105981AC Shaft, Propeller (Manual Transmi ssion) 1 52105982AC Shaft, Propeller (Automatic Transmission) REPAIR PROCEDURE: 1. FRONT DOUBLE CARDEN PROP SHAFT For LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2 TD5 TVB000110 | eBay TVB000110, TVB00100, TVB100370, FTC5320. 5" Long" - [DR-1]: Drive Shaft Assemblies - Amazon. 4. Fits just like my 1963 Series II. Buy Detroit Axle - Brand New Complete Front Drive Shaft Prop Shaft Assembly for 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty 2. Just Landrover Discovery 2004 D2 TD5 Auto front propshaft rebuild. 0 TD Discovery 3 and Discovery 4 had an oil leak through the crankshaft front oil seal, it is necessary to replace the oil pump with a new sample and replace the oil seal, otherwise, the problem will recur. Grinding noises coming from underneath the vehicle. Fits: Discovery Series II | '99 - '04 Part Number: DA1277 FREE SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48! AP03 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit For Land Rover Discovery 2 MK2 TD5 TVC100010 TVB000100 DA1277 0. Jan 21, 2016 · 2. I have not heard of any failures (yet) of the sealed version. I found advice from that nice pommy lad with his whole site dedicated to D2s www. 3. Remove set screw, spot drill prop shaft and tighten the set screw into the prop shaft. Still looks like new. I know Super ATV sells an aluminum bearing hanger upgrade (to get rid of the rubber donut) for those with the 2-piece but would the 1-piece cure the whole issue? A drive shaft, driveshaft, driving shaft, tailshaft (Australian English), propeller shaft (prop shaft), or Cardan shaft (after Girolamo Cardano) is a vehicle component for transmitting mechanical power and torque and rotation, usually used to connect other components of a drivetrain that cannot be connected directly because of distance or the need to allow for relative movement between them. 48 (Exc VAT) Part Number: TAY100060 (Supersessions: TAY100060E > TAY100060) Fits 1999-2004 Discovery II models. So, don’t think Cardan Shaft is Porsche’s fancy name for this. I wonder if the 2017 shaft would swap in for those with constant driveline issues. The double cardon joint allows for improved articulation and is ideal for a raised suspension as the front flange can easily accommodate a higher angle. 4 Land Rover Defender Discovery 1 & 2 Prop Shaft Nut Greetings! I have just finished ordering the cv joint for the rear (tc end) of the front propeller shaft. Failure to lubricate the sliding jo ints will accelerate spline wear and result in driveline “clunk”. Vehicle Model year kW HP cc DISCOVERY III (L319) 2. Read More. 5. Been to La Paz in Baja, up to the running boards in mud, snow in Tahoe, Park City and Mammoth. As for greasing the propshaft bearings, the shaft is fitted with a blanking plug, this is removed and a 1/4" UNF grease nipple fitted. I also managed to get the bearing inside from Northern Drivetrain in USA. I don't mud. Quality OE Part By Hardy Spicer These are top of the line very high quality product, dont rish the cheaper made ones. The Land Rover / Range Rover drive shafts are manufactured using gold seal 1310 series universal joints. Looking for a drive shaft for Discovery 2 from model years 1999 - 2002? You will find that part here. The transfer box is giving no drive to rear prop, cause unkown. Side effects can include violent destruction of the automatic transmission, undercarriage pipes, and more. Buy Photos. You need to be able to lock the centre to be able to have the rear wheel moves. It is also fitted to the front axle of all Series 3 109", Series 3s 109, 110s, 130s. SKU: Land Rover Discovery 2 Front Prop Shaft Repair Kit Categories: Car Parts, Discovery 2 L318: Suitable for Fitment: Front Propshaft Suitable for Discovery 2 Vehicles except 4. 6l 1310 heavy duty discovery 2 td5 2. Right Front CV Drive Shaft suitable for Mitsubishi Triton ML MN MQ CVSMI14 This part The inboard (upper) bearings have seemed to have failed on the CV Joint. The above-mentioned Discovery is an 8-cylinder Normally Aspirated (NA) Gas (Petrol). com. Carry boxes and panels for boot (in place of seats in boot) - 1500 3. This kit is for preventive maintenance / repair of you driveshaft. I just need to know 25 Nov 2014 The Discovery 2 has a unique front prop shaft connecting the transfer box to the I want to do more services, and less catastrophic failures. 5d/2 Oct 01, 2007 · Models Affected: '99-'03 Discovery II What Happens: The Discovery II has a center differential in the transfer case similar to an axle differential. The Disco 2 front shafts can end up as a serious mechanical failure, with gearboxe and transfer boxe being damaged by the flailing end of the  Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit OEM joints can cause noise, vibration and at worst complete propshaft failure! 20 Mar 2012 Owners of 1995-1999 Land Rover Discovery, 1999-2004 Discovery II, warning sign may lead to "catastrophic failure" of the drive coupling,  Proper Spec Land Rover Discovery 2 Front Drive Shaft TVB000110 in Shafts. It is important to note that the Defender 90 axle would also fit a 110, but there is a possibility it would not be legal due to the fact that axle was not designed to cope The propeller consists of several blades held in place by a central hub. 8 yr, less than 60k on clock. I thought the disco discovery like all other 4x4's are permament 4 wheelsdrive therfore if the front prop is turning then the rear prop should turn as well. Wide Angle Propshaft - Front Defender 2. If that vibration goes away the instant you lay off the gas, this is your problem, and our Drive Shaft Replacement Kit (Item# 9300 ) is your solution. Jan 10, 2019 · If the diesel engine 2. 30 Mar 2014 Front Prop Shaft removed off a 2004 Land Rover Discovery with 98000 Miles. If play is found in a universal joint, no matter how much grease you put in, it will still be loose and the only solution is replacement. This also is a question on how the 4wd system works on the rover. DISCOVERY SERIES II PROPELLER Discovery Series SHAFTS II. My bearings went out on the transfer case side of the front drive shaft where the cv type joint is. 3b. By replacing the 32 spline CV with a 23 spline CV we can use the stronger 24/23 shaft. Currently at 138000 miles. This is the standard duty version as originally fitted to manual models but also fits automatic models too. Condition is New. The current Discovery 4 is marketed in North America as the LR4. 1 Causes of shaft failure XU Yanhui[4] says that shaft damaged can be induced by sub synchronous resonance(SSR). Rear Air Suspension Failure. With the tremendous amount of torque transferred into the shaft pipe, U-joints, and CV joint, failure is imminent. Gkn Front Prop Shaft TD5 and V8 Discovery 2 Part No. Rear Tailshaft Flange Land Rover Series 2 2A 3 LWB Front of Rear or Rear of Rear 600656. Nick Petrilli 13,672 views. While the rear shaft is driven when 4 wheel is engaged. 00 Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit 3 x Greasable Universal Joints 1 x Centering Bearing Kit (Bearing, Spring, Oil seal) I. Land Rover Drive Train ~ Drive Shafts (Propeller) ~ Rear Drive Shafts;Drive Shafts (Propeller) ~ Rear Drive Shafts. FREE Run vehicle, repeat until vibration seems to be reduced. $479. Bonnett, [3] discuss the causes of shaft failures. Now £2. 1/4 turn is excessive. 3a. Our driveshafts are fully serviceable, incl. + PROPELLER SHAFTS, REPAIRS, Propeller shaft - front. However, unlike other drive shaft designs the driver seldom notices any symptoms at all before eruption. '04 Discovery II Td5 GS (using 2SO) The centre bearing failed completely. Disconnect 2 Lucars from switch. A prop-shaft assembly consists of a propeller shaft, a slip joint and one or more universal joints. 00. 2011 Discovery 4 SE The Discovery 2 is one of the best vehicles Land Rover ® have produced but they are beginning to show their age. Please read our posts for more information and share this page so we can inform people. This Front Propeller Drive Shaft will fit and work exactly like the OEM Front Propeller Drive Shaft. REAR IS EASY . Greasable U Joints: Front driveshaft is located under the HOT catalytic converter which can accelerate the lubrication failure. (See fig #2) If second clamp causes an increase of vibration, separate the clamp screws about 1/2” (See fig #3), and repeat test. This allows the prof-shaft to form different angles as the axle moves up and down on the suspension. PicClick Insights - Front Prop Shaft Land Rover Discovery Series 2 TVB000110 Brand Hardy Spicer PicClick Exclusive Popularity - 3,752 views, 3. Table No. 00 Land rover Discovery Ii front drive shafts will always fail catastrophically between 60,000 to 70,000 miles. About Rovers North. land rover discovery & defender wide angle front prop shaft tvb100610 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 & V8 1998-04 Front Propshaft Double Cardan TVB000110 LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 3 & 4 REAR PROPSHAFT CENTRE SUPPORT BEARING MOUNT TVB500360 Front Propshaft Suitable for Discovery 2 Vehicles except 4. And the Rover V8 engine kept the same UNC threads till it's last day on the production line. If you have freewheeling hubs, turn to the 4×2 position so the shaft can be rotated. Feb 15, 2010 · Removing front prop shaft on my Discovery 3 V8 Post by spiderbaby » Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:30 am I use a can of this stuff - Normfest Super Crack Ultra - from EuroCarParts to free off corroded / stuck parts. Discovery II > Land Rover Workshop Manuals > Discovery Series II - Workshop Manual - 1999MY ON - 6th Edition - NAS > Page 15 Jan 12, 2016 · 2. Found 6 bolts loose and grease flung out onto body. I am planning to go back to a prop shaft with u-joints. Complete tightening main cap bolts to specifications in 2 or 3 equal steps. This is best described as a double universal joint. 1 . How to spot it? The prop shaft also known as the front drive shaft is the smaller section of drive shaft that connects the rear drive shaft to the front differential for four wheel drive. 2003-2004 Discovery II Driveshaft - Rear Part Number TVB000140 Catastrophic front driveshaft failures on Discovery 2 have been occurring at an alarming rate. Specifications: ♦ Brand New Propeller Drive Shaft Assembly, Not Used, Remanufactured nor Rebuilt. Front Propeller Shaft Double Cardan suitable for Land Rover Discovery 2 GKN TVB000110 Front Tailshaft (Propshaft) suit Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 and V8 Petrol $880. Remove plug from torque converter housing to access torque converter bolts. FRONT REMOVAL ; MORE INFO STILL TO INPUT ! Just one of our 3,500+ Land Rover Parts with Overnight Shipping. The sliding joint allows the prop-shaft to alter its length as the axle moves up and down over the terrain. Remove 4 nuts and bolts securing propeller shaft to transfer gearbox flange. Save with MyShopping. Anybody got any advice on this Discovery Front Axle Shafts Front Parts are listed by their year. The Discovery 2 is one of the best vehicles Land Rover ® have produced but they are beginning to show their age. The center diff transfers power to the front During this years MOT, it was picked up that the front offside wheel bearing had excessive play in it. OEM part number: 88964470; Quantity in car: 1; Propeller shaft slip; Usage: N257 (06) (M32), N2; A Service Bulletin Applies To This Part Number. So while I was swapping in x300 axles last week I put a new seal kit in from All Balls. 2 hr Add Prop Shaft Replacement 11. Jon Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit OEM (Fits: Land Rover Discovery [MK II]) 5 out of 5 stars (9) 9 product ratings - Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Propshaft Shaft Double Cardan Joint Repair Kit OEM Jul 29, 2009 · I have some vibrations at around 90 - 110 km/h (around 55 - 70 mph); it's quite difficult to describe really. This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair. Comes complete with 8 new nuts for refitting. If you own a high mileage Discovery 2, make sure to turn to Atlantic British when it comes time to replace your drive shaft. rear (shaft to diff) drive shaft coupling flexible rubber or fabric coupling unit breaking up. The corrosion accelerates as the ATF temperature increases. 7 TD 4x4 07. Feb 11, 2009 · If it was a design fault D2's all around the world would have drive shafts dropping out. Causes discomfort for the passenger. I have a 2000 land rover discovery td5 and the front prop shaft has decided to Fall off from the front diff. Upgrading them is frequently the most cost effective alternative to outright replacement. FRONT REQUIRES PATIENCE AND A GOOD KNOWLEDGE OF PROFANITY. SKU: STC4807G. 81 + AU $63. It is not suitable for the Discovery 2 with the 4. I am already seeing people contact me via this page to say that their prop shaft just failed (so they are still failing 2 years after the original QE was sent out by BMW which only suggested the prop shaft be checked, not changed). I was wondering if I could drive it from my friend's shop back to my shop with the front driveshaft not in. This is a brand new Professional Grade aftermarket replacement Front Propeller Drive Shaft. Range Rover, Discovery, LR3 and Freelanders. I have been running it now for about 2 Years no problems but I do check it regularly. 00+VAT - Heavy Duty Discovery 2 Front Propshaft - Double Cardan FAST and FREE UK delivery on eligible orders. ft) Propeller shaft to flexible coupling. Note: DO NOT reuse the nuts (1). Drive shafts typically fail between 60-80k miles (even on the Discovery Series II). I didn't and it was a pain to get it back together and lined up correctly. Dec 31, 2011 · We just installed a 2" lift from Britpart in my Disco, and on the lift I saw that the front prop shaft is now in solid contact with the front crossmember. 0 V8 4x4 SUV 3947ccm 185HP 136KW (Petrol) Specification Package including: 1 X Front Driveshaft OEM / Part Number: TVB000110 , TVB00100 , TVB100370 , FTC5320 Discovery 2 TD5 & V8 Front Propshaft. The new shaft will have a 7cm sliding joint. Then use a water pump pliers to turn the nut. Land Rover Discovery 2, TD5 and V8 models are fitted with a special front prop-shaft. It is fitted to the Discovery 3 and 4, Range Rover L322 and, as illustrated here, Range Rover Not so good vibrations on the Range Rover Sport - 2. In many cases, these noises are caused by the reduction of lubricants inside the transfer case or metal-to-metal grinding. GKN. . It has double cardan joint at one end. 5 TD5 4x4 SUV 2495ccm 139HP 102KW (Diesel) For Land Rover Discovery MK II 1998-2004 4. Brand New Discovery 2 propshafts - TVB000100 & TVB000220 Double cardon joint repair kit. DISCOVERY 2: All: Propshafts > Front Propshaft: 1999-2002: Auto up to 1A720477 chassis number only: DISCOVERY 2: All: Propshafts > Front Propshaft: 1999-2004: All I am on my fifth Land Rover. Remove front propeller shaft. They will be the same size as the bolts in the front prop shaft. 173000km. British Parts of Utah offers OEM Parts for Discovery Series II. The shaft of the Fan pulley has a 12mm Hex in the end which enables you to hold the shaft and stop the pulley rotating whilst you undo the 3 pulley retaining bolts. Most Disco 2’s have air suspension on the rear. Refit. Figure 10 Front Prop Shaft – NIIN 66-128-4256 / LRA. This shaft is custom built for Rovers North to address the premature failure of original Discovery II front prop  Spicer Greasable U Joints : Front driveshaft is located under the HOT catalytic converter which can accelerate the lubrication failure. ♦ No core deposit is required nor core exchange is I looked up front but have not yet gotten the rear end up. $197. 7 seater. Front RH 24 Spline Drive Shaft - RH Ref: TDC000020 / Price $52. Its greasable in the D2 & permanently sealed in D2a's, mine at least. $ 160. A replacement standard front double cardan prop-shaft suitable for all Discovery 2 models. 1. 3 Xu Xiaolei *, Yu Zhiwei This paper is an analysis of failure of main shaft of locomotive turbo charger. Nov 03, 2014 · Land Rover Prop' shaft repair part 2 - Stripping the old universal Joint - Duration: 4:46. Green. 7 TD and 3. Know The OE Part Number Of Your Drive Shaft? Find The Right Replacement Part Below. Discovery - Land Rover Parts. The new driveshaft uses a double hooks type joint at the transfer box drive flange. 6L Models. Grease nipples are fitted to all three universal joints. 6L Engine, for this please see TVB000320. 5 petrol 90. These are an unusual size bolt and usuAlly end up getting chewed up when removing the prop-shaft. Please note we do not supply 10/32 or 24/32 spline halfshafts. discovery2. It "feels" like it is coming from the back - and I have had the wheels balanced (on-car), and it is not the front prop shaft (have taken if off once for a test drive). Aug 17, 2015 · 2. 2009 220 299 4394 CHECK BEFORE BUYING CHECK FITMENT BEFORE BUYING EBAY COMPATIBILITY CHART IS A GUIDE ONLY Opening hours Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm Delivery Services Collection is also available from our warehouse For UK Mainland Next Working Just one of our 3,500+ Land Rover Parts with Overnight Shipping. 5" Front Prop Shaft w/2 CV Joints [Yellow Tag] Replacement for Jeep Grand Cherokee Commander. International postage. Every Land Rover forum discusses this and the consensus is that Land Rover should have reported this to NHTSA as a safety issue. Discovery 2 Front Propshaft rebuild. If you do not find your part, please call us at (877)443-9246 Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 & V8 Front PROPSHAFT Genuine Hardy Spicer Greasable at the best online prices at eBay! From 1948 (first LR production) to 1950 the gearbox had permanent 4WD with a freewheel device in the front prop shaft. Now I have a single knuckle instead of a double knuckle before. [2] 2. Remove the exhaust heat shield. I commissioned Great Basin Rovers to make a new front prop shaft for me. Front Shaft Graph Rear Shaft Graph . It’s been called a Cardan Shaft in mainland Europe since becoming common in the early 1900s. 90 — 172. Folding propeller - Aeronaut Folding Propellers You will need to know the diameter of the motor shaft and the diameter of the spinner. New HEAVY DUTY Front  27 Sep 2017 Ed Evans guide to diagnosing and replacing the rear prop shaft bearing. Feb 20, 2019 · Product Details. joins the front and rear together. For example: a 1999-2002 part fits all years 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. $658. The Range Rover Classic - 200 Tdi & 300 Tdi front with 2" - 3" lift with castor correction 654mm length to suit - Def 200 Tdi / TD front 2" - 3" lift with castor correction 680mm length to suit - Defender Tdci 2007 onwards front with / without castor correction Wide Angle Shafts 610mm length to suit - Defender V8 / 300 Tdi / Td5 and Discovery Tdi range rover (front) description land rovr discovery 3 / 4 (rear) land rover discovery 2 (front) v8 land rover discovery 2 (front) 4. IMPERIAL. This shaft is custom built for Rovers North to address the premature failure of original Discovery II front prop shafts. Suits all variants of Discovery 2 including petrol and diesel engines with either automatic or manual transmissions. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Accordingly, if drive shaft problems are recognized early, you can avoid costly repairs. Don't go to the hardware store to buy the bolts as they must be high tensile and you are unlikely to get the exact size. despues de sentir una vibbracion en la parte frontal del carro descubbri que la flecha delantera estaba en mal estado aqui se veo como cambiarla ya que solo Mar 02, 2011 · Disco Mike--2 different issues here. Stock, Shipping and Warranty 1. Do you have a CDL in the transfer? If you do take the front shaft out and lock the CDL and drive it like that until you can afford to rebuild the shaft. Returning from Aberdeen engine completely shut down on duel carriageway. Remove and discard 4 bolts securing torque Front and rear on: All Series 1's, all Series 2's, all Series 3 88", all 90's, all Range Rovers, Discovery 1 & 2 and Discovery 3 rear. The double cardan joint allows the prop-shaft to run smoother and at greater angles. This prop-shaft has 3 universal joints, 2 of which are mounted within a "double cardan" type joint, there is also a special centering bearing within this joint. Consists of the following:-3 x GKN Heavy Duty 75mm Universal joints with grease nipples; 1 x Special centre bearing (not sold by Land Rover!!) Land Rover Drive Shaft Common Issues. Unfortunately not. If the propeller shaft coupling needs to be serviced, proceed to steps 3h – 3k. Model #: RND665HD. This prop-shaft has 3 universal joints, 2 of which are mounted within a 'double cardan' type joint, there is also a special centring bearing within this joint. The "official" way is to remove a blank, screw in a grease nipple, grease the shaft then refit the blank again on the front shaft. Front Wheel Bearing kit Hub Assembly For Land Rover Discovery 2. Quality Aftermarket; Front Defender 300TDI Discovery 200TDI and 300TDI. Compare us to the dealer and save. All universal joints and the slip joint are greaseable. To get access to bolts put car in neutral and turn rear wheel . Oct 04, 2018 · I own a discovery TD4 HSE. Jan 04, 2011 · Discovery 2: Prop shaft; Results 1 to 13 of 13 Thread: I have had failure on the front prop. Fitting this 25mm prop spacer helps return the prop shaft to its normal operating length therefore allowing full spline travel which also helps reduce the characteristic “binding” of the yokes when a prop shaft is over extended. Discovery 2 TD5 Oct 26, 2013 · Re: Prop shaft failure Post by DH2 » Tue Mar 11, 2014 10:41 am stylussprinter wrote: Hence my comment regarding the front UJ breaking Dave ---- if it goes then the likely result would be the car being launched into the air followed by just about any consequence The only reason I know all this is because a buddy of mine bought an old Range Rover kinda blindly and found out the front drive shaft was taken out. Discovery 2 1998-2004 Front Prop Shaft Repair Kit. CODE: TVB000110. Had to pull the driveshaft, which required removing the front diff and the front bumper. Discovery II Front Prop Shaft Failure - Duration: 1:44. Rear Propeller Shaft 10. A redesigned front propeller shaft (driveshaft) has been used on Discovery Series II . Version 3 Modified Released August 30, 2018 May 06, 2019– Updated the Subject/Condition, Service Procedures, Parts and Warranty information. 0 V8 LM. The prop-shaft has 2 universal joints (UJ’s) in either end and a sliding joint in the middle. OE Front differential ~ nett price Discovery ( 3 ) 2. You will be risking total failure of the shaft if you try to wait. Fig. 5p/2. 38 sold, 0 available. METRIC. A drive shaft connecting the gearbox to a rear differential is called a propeller shaft, or prop-shaft. Nov 21, 2014 · I rebuilt my prop-shaft using new universals that can be greased. The rear u-joint made no noise for most of a trip to Royal Blue before suddenly failing completely. that front prop shafts in Discovery 2s fail and cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your car’s nether regions. Front Propshaft to suit: Land Rover Discovery 3 (2005-2009) Land Rover Discovery 4 (2010 On) Range Rover Sport (from 2005 Onwards) If fitted to a raised vehicle, it may void the warranty. Add to cart Jun 09, 2008 · Below the front shaft is removed from the car. LAND ROVER REAR PROP SHAFT DISCOVERY 2 II 03-04 V8 4. Then mark the rear shaft somehow (I use a small file to mark both the rear prop front flange and brake drum in relation to each other) so it easy to re-assemble back Front Wheel Bearing kit Hub Assembly For Land Rover Discovery 2. When the output shaft seal breaks or wears out, it also can cause noises to appear from under the vehicle. Unable to support the prop shaft. Not much off-road work (several days total) and all pretty gentle. lbs. 4 views per day, 1,088 days on eBay. This part is a brand new quality aftermarket front prop shaft / front tail shaft Suitable for all variants of Land Rover Discovery 2 including petrol and diesel engines with either automatic or manual transmissions Jul 16, 2012 · Fig. 100 Nm (74 Land Rover Discovery 2, TD5 and V8 models are fitted with a special front prop-shaft. 2 hr Add Automatic Transmission Flex Plate Replacement 0. Once the front drive shaft is removed, then you trash your transfer case. 7L 4x4 -"Measure Weld to Weld 16. British Parts of Utah offers reinforced/redesigned drive shaft for its longevity. 7 TD V6 auto to vin DA690511 Discovery ( 4 ) 3. Of course, the axles Land Rover Discovery II TD5 FRONT PROPSHAFT TVB000100, TVB000110. back to home. So in normal operation it appears that only the front shaft is driven. Super high amount of views. One is that the shaft was contacting the under bulkhead cross member when both springs were extended. uk / 2" Suspension lift Full of good stuff, that site is! Description Discovery 2 Front Propshaft Heavy Duty. Series 2 & 3, Defender, Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Range Rover 1986-1994, Range Rover P38, Range I have my RZR in the shop now for a CV joint failure. Family owned by enthusiasts since 1979. Part number: TVB500510. Our mission is to offer the highest quality Land Rover Parts and Accessories at the most competitive prices. Britcar has a complete range of Propshaft Front. The little light is on indicating that 4 wheel is engaged. Repeat as required . Remove the bolts (2) and nuts (1) from the propeller Propshafts and components to suit Discovery 2 Td5 & V8 models. A total failure almost guarantees taking the transmission case out when the failure finally happens. Detroit Locker Land Rover 24 spline. All wishbones changed, 4 arbs, drop links, steering inner arms and track rod ends, rear prop shaft, compressor, starter motor, AC condenser, 2 CV joints due to split rubbers and the suspension compressor. For most machine shafts, however, analysis should be LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 1 200TDI 300TDI FRONT PROP SHAFT 1989-1998 WIDE ANGLE (Fits: Land Rover Discovery) PB4. 5–1 kg (1–2 lb) heavier. To rebuild the shaft you will need 3 Precision #344 joints and a #617 centering ball kit. Availability: Out of Jun 18, 2009 · I just rebuilt my front prop shaft a few months ago. The transmission failed due to front driveshaft U-joint failure. Aug 16, 2015 · I needed to replace my Disco 200 Tdi front prop and had read and heard that some folk had replaced it with a D2 Td5 front prop. u-joints and centering kits – GBR FOR Land Rover Discovery 2 II 1999-2004 Front Drive Shaft Driveshaft TVB000110. 4 4x4 07. Land Rover Discovery 2 Propshaft Parts at Paddock - The UK's largest independent Land Rover parts specialist. Propeller shaft to transfer gearbox. 12. Home / DISCOVERY / Discovery 2 / Axles and Wheels / LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2 Front Propshaft TVB000110. Remove switch and remove nut from switch. My current model is a 1999 Discovery Series II. If the bushing or bearing that supports the driveshaft or the driveshaft U-joints wear out or fail, they can interfere with the driveshaft’s ability to rotate correctly. AU $148. Fig-2: The three-dimensional model of induced draft fan’s shaft. 1999-2004 Discovery II front driveshaft seal, spring, and centering ball bearing (ball & gimbal). “The propshaft is generally in two pieces, which are joined and supported by a centre Land Rover Discovery 2 II Heavy Duty Front Driveshaft Drive Shaft Propeller TVB000110 TVB000320. There is also a control system for the propeller, which will be discussed later. Discovery's drive shaft failure is quite common due to its design. Once recovered garage say diagnostic test found that the crank shaft had seized Discovery II Heavy Duty front Propshaft. The boot on the CV joint was good but it was leaking grease out the rear CV joint around the splines. 03 shipping . Leave two slightly nipped up . When a Wide Angle Propshaft is needed. W hether related to motors, pumps or any other types of industrial machinery, shaft failure analysis is frequently misunderstood, often being perceived as difficult and expensive. I would recommend getting the "center ball kit". Land Rover Discovery I, 1994 – 1999 and Discovery Series II, 1999 – 2002 models feature angled drive shafts that use a rubber flex coupling, which wears down and causes annoying vibrations in your drive train. They are a common failure and cause Oct 27, 2007 · My mate has just fitted a Discovery II double-cardan front propshaft to his 2" lifted RRC. Abnormal Noises. £3. The 12mm Hex tool is CRITICAL to the bearing replacement job, so you will need to obtain one of those BEFORE attempting this job. Front Tailshaft Propshaft Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 And V8 Petrol for - Compare prices of 144230 products in Auto Parts from 263 Online Stores in Australia. PUMA Front Heavy Duty Propshaft Land Rover Discovery 2, TD5 and V8 Models are fitted with a special front prop-shaft. A driveshaft is the same thing, normally smaller. Main failure modes reported by RODUM consist of the following (Figures 1, 2 and 3): a. Jul 17, 2013 · Later that day i got under there and i grabbed the front drive shaft and moved it up and down and to my surprise it moved a lot. At first i thought it was worn U joints at the transfer case. i was also told that the cv joint was broken in the front axle the only problem is i dont know how to figure out what the problemis is. We are committed to providing the solutions you need. "A replacement heavy duty front double cardan prop-shaft with greaseable universal joints and slider for all Discovery 2 models. Full service history. Order online today; International delivery available; Secure online payment; Frequently Stocked Item: This is a frequently stocked item Front Propeller Shaft with Double Cardan suitable for Land Rover Discovery 2 - TVB000110_A. PROPELLER SHAFT/UNIVERSAL JOINT OVERHAUL Section 47 in the appropriate Workshop Manual provides step by step procedures for inspecting and replacing prop shafts and components. If you are trying to identify your existing shafts the measurements of our shafts may assist:- The '21 front also appears to have a different style CV altogether. Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 for sale: Steve - 0824469224: 2001 Landrover Discovery 2 TD5. 11 Feb 2009 Guys, I am on the final hurdle proving that the problem with the Discovery 2 front propshaft is a design fault to Land Rover. Driving a 4WD without a front drive shaft is quite safe. Land Rover Drive Train ~ Drive Shafts (Propeller) ~ Front Drive Shafts;Drive Shafts (Propeller) ~ Front Drive Shafts. Kit includes Flange with Bolts Oil seal and Nylock Nut. I locked the center diff and drove it home in rear wheel drive with no problems at all. For all Land Rover Discovery 2 1998-2004. The optimum operating angle for a propshaft is 2-3 degrees and the further you stray from this, the more stress you put on your propshaft. 5 spicer uj's - greasable centering yoke description description ranger rover 1995 (front) ranger rover 1995 (front) ranger rover 1986-1991 (front) land rover discovery 1 (front) Front Hub Bolt M12 x 70mm Discovery 3 and Sport FC112146 . The rotating bending fatigue is the dominant failure mechanism of the shafts. Original Rover drive shafts are prone to failure at 60-80k miles; If you own a high mileage Land Rover or Range Rover, make sure to turn to Atlantic British when it comes time to replace your drive shaft. As always, we are trying to minimise the impacts on our Sep 27, 2017 · Vibration heard or felt inside the cab is usually caused by an imbalance of a rotating mass. To my understanding I thought I A pack of 8 new, special bolts and lock nuts to both ends of nearly All Land Rover prop-shafts, both front and rear on just about All Land Rover models as listed below. Refit 1. Is prop shaft fits manual and automatic Discovery 2. The propeller hub holds the blades in place and is connected to the engine through a propeller drive shaft and a gearbox. Causes and Analysis of Shaft failure 1. 7 TD V6 auto 2005 to 2009 Discovery ( 4 ) 2. Lets have a look at few more examples: 146k on mine. Clean switch and gearbox face. Globally the Discovery 1, Discovery 2 and Discovery 3 are marketed or called the LR 1, 2 and 3. Retail value - R102,000. Universal Joint for the 1999 DISCOVERY 2 Td5 from Brookwells Landrover Parts & Accessories. Thanks . We custom fabricate every driveshaft in our shop using your specifications. i knew it needed some weldding in the boot (not a problem). I am selling for R90,000 Extras: 1. Modern propellers on large turboprop airplanes typically have 4 to 6 New front propshaft repair kit which fits all Discovery 2 models. On the invoice it states replace front prop lshaft rubber coupling ARTIC DISK Aug 10, 2012 · Rear A-frame uses 1/2" bolts. As you can see from the pictures this prop shaft greasable double cardan unit with grease nipples in the ends of the uj caps. Here are a couple of pics from a blind shooting. Causes of failure Austin H. Regular price: $649. Then put in 1st gear to remove bolts . Due to the recent VIC & NSW border closures, postage times may be affected. Competitive prices. A vehicle's drive shaft--the rotating object located between the differentials and gear box--helps it switch from idle to drive; without it, a vehicle would never move. This is the heavy duty version as originally fitted to automatic models but also fits manual models too. Double Carden joint centre ball bearing replacement. Fully serviced, Landrover approved, MOT pass in March. The 1310 series is the most common universal joint in the world used in many Ford, GM, Jeep & Dodge applications. Note: Recommend replacing lock nuts 8 x RNE478 when fitting a new prop shaft. Yoke, prop shaft rear axle. Land Rover Discovery 2 Axle Parts at Paddock - The UKs largest independent Land Rover parts specialist. 6L Models NOTE :- when fitting front spring spacers under the spring seats as opposed to lift springs the front prop WILL 100% contact the front cross member EVEN with factory shocks as you have technically already "pushed" the axle down by 2 inches, so the "mod" below should definitely be done if you go that route. 5TD 200TDI. I may have to replace mine eventually because the rubber cover was starting to crack. This Land Rover drive shaft conversion kit makes drive shaft replacement quick and easy. However after googling this some LR sites believe that you have to engage diff lock for this to work. LAND ROVER rear (shaft to diff) drive shaft coupling flexible rubber or fabric coupling unit breaking up. I installed the prop shaft with CV joints in November of 2017 and have 125 hours on it. So the prop shaft has for grease nipples 3UJ and the slide. Prop Shaft Front V8 Discovery II 1999-2004 Heavy Duty. Your problem could be a bent output shaft, or a bent pinion on the front axle. Parts and accessories for all makes, models and years of Land Rover and Range Rover from Brookwells. Front double cardon prop shaft for the Discovery II. 6L TVB000330 USED (Fits: Land Heat the nut side with a gas burner for about a minute until yo see some bubbles from the sealant used to lock it. This paper focus on failures associated with fatigue. It’s a prop shaft/propellor shaft here in England, thanks to common use in the industrial revolution. Well, today i pulled the drive shaft off and found the U joints have no play, it is actually that H flange thing. Very good condition. Apr 01, 2008 · i recantly had my 110 landi stolen off my drive and a good friend offered me there 1992 disco for free but i would have to get an mot on it. Order from our superb range of Land Rover Discovery 2 Propshaft Parts on-line. Detroit Axle - 4x4 19. There have been four generations of the vehicle, which was first introduced in 1989. Going to replace this unit, as you can see in the video, this one  Discovery II - Possible front propshaft failure? 16 Dec 2013 So last week the front propshaft of my D2 failed or seized. Before you make any crazy modifications to your Land Rover, say, a 4”lift, consider the operating angle of your propshaft. Front drive shaft replaced at 140000. 95. The double-cardan end (at the transfer 'box) has a bigger diameter flange than the normal LR flange, so he had to fit a new Discovery II front output flange to his transfer 'box, which cost him about £75 from a main dealer. Strength, Reliability and Serviceability. One of the most common repairs we perform in our workshop is replacing the front lower suspension arms. ft) TORQUE DESCRIPTION. More details. 4L & 3. VAT. Land Rover Discovery II Front Driveshaft (Prop Shaft) Regular price: $319. especially the front wheels. We used a piece of sheet metal to protect the wiring above he shaft Jul 28, 2008 · I have recently replaced my front prop shaft (99 D2 V8 auto) at 165,000 km. Problem is I rode it a couple miles today to check some other stuff out and the front diff is still leaking. Buy Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 Front Propshaft Centre Bearing And Oil Seal Kit - 617KIT at JGS4x4. You may get a very slight leak from any oil trapped up near the flange, but you should not need to top up This is a double cardan type propshaft that will fit the front of all Discovery 2 TD5's and the 4. Landrover Discovery 2 Facelift TD5 Auto Landmark. 0L V8's. Being greasable this will extend the service life. The bolts holding the rear A-frame ball joint into the fulcrum bracket aren't a standard metric thread (dunno if they are UNF or a metric fine thread). Jan 27, 2017 · Without a centre diff lick if you remove the front prop shaft the power will follow the path the least resistance which will be to the front of the TC case which has nothing connected and you wont be going anywhere. Front Suspension Arms. 2 hr *This is a unique Labor Operation for Bulletin use only. Nov 25, 2014 · That safety check, which we insist upon being done thoroughly, will check things like brakes, oil leaks, suspension bushes, air suspension compressor and air springs, steering, and things that only a Land Rover specialist shop is going to know – e. 35 inc. 2 sunroofs. I had two problems to solve. On the invoice it states replace front prop lshaft rubber coupling ARTIC DISK Suitable for Discovery 2 2A & 3 Prop Shafts & Diffs Prop Shafts & Diffs. 5D 2. ft) Propeller shaft to differential. This is costly and wholly preventable. 0 (0 votes) Store: All parts in shop Store US $35. Where the engine and axles are separated from each other, as on four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive vehicles Front Output Flange Kit to suit Discovery 2 1999-2004. Ditto the bolts holding the clutch cover to the flywheel on 2. 5 cm each way. 27 Jul 2008 If you have had to replace a front drive shaft please post letting us know (D2 Td5), around 175000 Kms, i am the second owner of the disco,  If you have a vehicle in this range I suggest you pull the front shaft and If there is any notchy or tight feeling replace them before failure. Buy product. About an1/8 turn is ok considering, diff slop , spline wear, axle shaft universal wear, and drive flange/hub splines. 00; Factory Discovery 2 front driveshafts are a very high quality shaft. Part Number: TVB000110-HS-A. Note: We have had reports of the drivers side air conditioning drain pipe dripping onto the front propshaft This can cause premature failure of the double cardan joint Jan 10, 2008 · Would a Discovery 2 TD5 Front Prop Shaft fit my 200TDi Defender? it has a Double Cardan joint on it. This increased distance can cause the prop shaft to run out of spline travel. 95 Application: Discovery I - 24 Spline Front Right Hand - use with CV joint TDJ000010 - Superceded from STC3049 'Based on domestic market and expand abroad business' is our progress strategy for Front Drive Shaft Propeller Shaft for Land Rover Discovery II Tvb000110 Tvb000100 Ftc5320. This Kit can also be used to fit a Discovery 2 Double Cardon Shaft to a Discovery 1 Defender or Range Rover Classic with LT230 Transfer Case Propshaft Front D2 Td5 V8 FTC5320 TVB000110 TVB000100 TVB000220 Land Rover parts, Land Rover spares, Range Rover parts and accessories for Freelander, Discovery, Defender and Series models. Guess I'm just looking for confirmation and will need to do the prop shaft Greasable Front Propshaft for Discovery 2, 1999 to 2004, TD5, V8, automatic and manual, a Top Quality product from Hardy Spicer. 00 - 45. Many of the  land-rover-discovery-2-td5-v8-front-propshaft-double-cardan-tvb000110- propshaft-repairs. TAY100060 - TAY100060 - Front Hub Assembly For Discovery 2 - Includes Front ABS Sensor (SSW500020) for TD5 or V8 Disco 2 As low as £46. 5 TD5 4. ft) Hub to axle bolts. I guess it is just another thing that I have to keep an eye on. Clean propeller shaft flanges and mating faces. 1999-2004 Discovery II Driveshaft - Front Part Number TVB000110 Note: The front and rear propeller shaft couplings can be serviced separately from the propeller shaft. 4 Land Rover Defender Discovery 1 & 2 Prop Shaft Nut & Bolt Kit x8 (Fits:  4 Oct 2005 What are the normal symptoms of propshaft vibration? others that have failed - you can't grease the double-cardan joint and the ball joint here the common fix on a Td5 Discovery is to fit a normal 300Tdi front prop which  20 Mar 2012 1995-1999 Land Rover Discovery, 1999-2004 Discovery II, and 1995 warning sign may lead to “catastrophic failure” of the drive coupling,  7 Oct 2008 Checked replaced all of the usual drive prop shafts engine mounts 2 Jun 2018 Diagnosing front end knocking noise in a Disco II failed shock  Order from our superb range of Land Rover Discovery 2 Axle Parts on-line. Depending on your ride, you might be experiencing problems with vibration, CV boot failure or other challenges related to factory components and OEM replacements. Front and rear differential to axle bolts + 55 Nm (40 lbf. Per Gm Service Policies And Procedures, Failure To Follow Bulletin Information May Result In The Rejection Of A Warranty Claim. - Install #25 Propeller Shaft Coupling onto propeller shaft and tighten the two clamping bolts. My old front prop shaft above, the new Great Basin made front prop shaft below . 0 hrs Add Crankshaft Endplay Inspection 0. Some squeaking too. Nov 23, 2020 · Atlantic British has a replacement drive shaft and rear universal coupling that eliminates the noisy rubber coupling and the annoying vibration that comes with it. For Land Rover Discovery MK II 1998-2004 2. A drive shaft system weighs more than a chain system, usually 0. What is a Drive Shaft? The drive shaft rear connects from the transfer case to the front prop shaft/Drive shaft front. 0L OHC SGDI NA V8 PETROL - AJ133 Breather hose LR028144 also required Failure to lubricate the sliding jo ints will accelerate spline wear and result in driveline “clunk”. Front Propshaft for the 2004 DISCOVERY 2 Td5 from Brookwells Landrover Parts & Accessories. 76 Nm (56 lbf. Hi, I just put a tranny in my d2 and I'm still waiting for the driveshaft to get here. 6. Once it was out, we discovered it was one of the dreaded out-of-phase driveshafts, i. failure of shaft III. Remove propeller shaft. Land Rover Discovery 2 Front PropShaft . The usual issues are listed below but please be aware that we will diagnose the problem properly and provide you with an estimate before starting any work. You save: AU$ 180. The 2000 Land Rover Discovery II has 3 NHTSA complaints for the power train:driveline:driveshaft at 77,027 miles average. 1319 Vermont Route 128, Westford, VT 05494, USA . No warning lights nothing. We hope that we can create brilliance with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad with advanced and high-quality products, stable and flexible operation, sincere Details about Front Drive Shaft Driveshaft for Land Rover Discovery 2 II 1999-2004 TVB000110 Be the first to write a review . Land Rover Discovery II Prop shaft & U Joint. Install a second clamp test again to see if vibration is reduced. For improved service life, lubricate with grease every 5000 miles and prior to installation. Various Land Rover models use a propeller shaft, or driveshaft, to drive the rear wheels of the vehicle and some the front wheels. i have no UJ for front prop from 1A612405 to end of TD5. 1 The appearance of an overload failure depends on whether the shaft material is brittle or ductile. Buy Front Drive shaft Prop Shaft for Land Rover Discovery 2 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004: Drive Shaft Assemblies - Amazon. The above procedure should align the bearing thrust faces with the crankshaft to maximize the amount of bearing area in contact for load carrying. Remove rear propeller shaft + PROPELLER SHAFTS, REPAIRS, Propeller shaft - rear. 15. Jan 08, 2007 · Vehicle is a 2. If you own a high mileage vehicle, make sure to turn to Atlantic British when it comes time to replace your drive shaft. Rear Prop Shaft Discovery 3/4 with 2 Speed Transfer Case LR037027 . This may result in unusual rattling, clunking, scraping, or even squeaking sounds Drive shafts typically fail between 60-80k miles. There are a couple of minor cracks in the flex disc, but the thing that concerns me is where it appears to have dug itself a new path in the tunnel insulation. Dorman 932-303 . That pins the source down to wheels and tyres, and the front and rear propshaft. There is a single ball bearing at each drive output shaft on the LT230, easy to change the back one as only the handbrake has to come off, but the front housing has the centre diff inside and linkages into the main box. Propshaft Front. 7 / 23. The fact of the matter is that if you dont maintain your vehicle, things will drop off. 2. AU$ 770. Monday - Friday: 8AM - 6PM EST Jul 28, 2012 · The front end has two more universals inside the swivels. 47 Nm (35 lbf. LAND ROVER DISCOVERY 2 TD5 OR V8 FRONT PROPSHAFT NUT There are 2 and 4 pin versions (2 pin for the front of the P38) and also 16mm and 18mm versions referring to the diameter of the pins; the latter being used in the Wolfs. It took my son and I 10 minutes to get the shaft off. The sliding joint/spline is not usually the cause of D2 shaft failure if kept lubricated. Can I spot the front prop shaft failure by visual inspection? Is front prop shaft fails barely with 75K mi?? No off road activity but 99% commute on the highway plus For Land Rover Discovery MK II 1998-2004 2. Febi said: “Due to the high speed at which it rotates, the propshaft must be balanced in order to avoid heavy vibration and premature wear. Manufactured with Spicer joints for superior durability. TVB00011. 2004 - 09. Remove 3 nuts and bolts securing propeller shaft to flexible coupling. Last edited by blue bomber; 07-28-2012 at 08:51 PM . uk. It snapped a front drive shaft over 850 km (528 Miles) from home. 11. Discard and replace with NEW only. Symptoms while driving were a strong resonant vibration between 30&40 mph and a crunching feeling when under load. If you can't find what you need please email us via the 'Contact Us' page Propshaft Front Repair Got my 2017 TRE a few weeks ago and noticed the front diff leaked. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Discovery II -1998-2004. one end was 90 degrees off from the other. Using the appropriate Dakota or Durango Service Manual - Group 3, Propeller Shafts, replace the front propeller shaft. 0 V8 4x4 SUV 3947ccm 185HP 136KW (Petrol) Specification Package including: 1 X Front Driveshaft OEM / Part Number: TVB000110 , TVB00100 , TVB100370 , FTC5320 Re: Front drive (prop) shaft by PhilD » Fri Jun 01, 2007 3:31 pm HummBebe wrote: While coasting to slow down or going down a hill, it makes a jingle bell noise until it slow to about 30 MPH. - Install and adjust the V-Drive so that the pilot diameters of the #1 IA Gear Shatt and the #25 Propeller Shaft Coupling engage freely. List price: AU$ 950. I did not see the width of the prop in the manual so look on the prop or measure the prop span including the spinner. I assumed that I could remove the front prop completely an drive home. Jul 27, 2017 · Symptoms and diagnosis . com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible It is located between the transfer case front output shaft and the front differential of the Land Rover Discovery 2. 2009 140 190 2720 CHECK BEFORE BUYING DISCOVERY III (L319) 4. 13. The Land Rover Discovery is an off-road focused mid-size SUV, from the British car maker Land Rover. Now when I was told this, if I'm honest I thought they were being a bit "picky" as its very common for the Discovery 2 to throw up the "3 amigos" ( ABS / TC / HDC) lights if there is a lot of play in a bearing as the ABS sensor picks up the fluctuations and goes mad. discovery 2 front prop shaft failure

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